Outdoor adventure: How to Take a Kayaking Road Trip Through Wisconsin (Roots Rated)
If you’re planning a whitewater kayaking road trip, Wisconsin probably isn’t on your list of destinations—yet.

Top 5 Places to Work as a River Guide this Winter (Rapid Magazine)
Turquoise water, tropical canyons, an international trip lined with world-renowned rivers—it’s what whitewater dreams are made of. If you’re like most raft guides, however, a vacation on the other side of the world probably isn’t in the budget. So, try getting paid for it instead.

10 Best No-Shuttle Runs in the U.S. (Rapid Magazine)
There’s no need to bring two cars on your next kayaking road trip. Take your boat, your friends, your car, and take to the road without worrying about the shuttle for these 10 U.S. rivers. We’re not talking about hitchhiking, bringing a bike along, finding commercial shuttles or public transport. We’re talking about one car, a boat and your own two feet.

Top 10 Rivers for Winter Whitewater in West Virginia (Highland Outdoors)
Beginning in spring and running through fall, West Virginia is the Disneyland of whitewater. During October, the Gauley is like the 405 in LA. Rafts up to 16-feet long maneuver around each other like minivans on the freeway. Kayakers dart between them—the motorcycles of the river—trying to pass and avoid getting run over.

Get the Best Job in the World: How to Become a Whitewater Rafting Guide (Zero to Travel)
My Job is Better than your Vacation — the phrase is not only emblazoned across a bumpersticker on the back of a dusty truck, it is the motto of the raft guide who drives it. If you think you might like to go rafting every single day rather than once in a lifetime and it sounds pretty good to never wear anything other than board shorts and Chacos, you might be in the right spot.

New and Gauley Rivers: Whitewater A La Carte (Highland Outdoors)
From rapids that will make you glad to be alive to see another bend in the river to calm waters and eagles swooping overhead, the New River Gorge and its neighboring Gauley River have a combination of aquatic thrills that can fit any traveler’s desires.

Cyclist seeks place to crash, in a good way, via free lodging network (The Sacramento Bee)
08/10/2015 A couple of aspects of this shower were worth noting. Without a modern, drought-savvy showerhead, the geyser descended on me like an aggressive scalp massage as steam filled the stall, fogging up the already opaque curtain hanging in the frame like a pair of ill-fitting pants.Then there was the location: This shower was in the garage bathroom of a retired couple I’d met five minutes before I turned the water on.

From Bucket List to Finish Line: Running a Marathon (ActiveNorcal Magazine)
01/23/2015 In the crowded confines of the caution tape cattle shoot, I relish my last moments to stand still, shifting, squishing in my brand new Nikes — in a puddle. I’m surrounded by neon, rain streaked strangers, all looking more prepared than me.

High aspirations take Chico mountaineering pair to continent’s peak (Chico Enterprise-Record)
07/28/2013 – Two Chico men left behind the California climate, replaced their belongings with goose-feather gear and freeze-dried food, donned climbing harnesses, crampons and ice axes, tied themselves together…

Extra river releases draw hordes of kayak fans (Chico Enterprise-Record)
08/04/2013 – TOBIN — The natural water park that is the North Fork of the Feather River was open for whitewater kayaking July 27 and 28 for the first of three recreational water release weekends of the summer.


Human trafficking survivor rises for local awareness (Eureka Times-Standard)
04/10/15 – Before she met him, her only knowledge of prostitution came from “Pretty Woman” and the occasional woman walking on 2nd Street in Eureka.
Part 2: Workshop to teach human trafficking awareness, prevention Runaway teens with backpacks at bus stops or hanging around the mall, young women who have prior exposure to abuse, drugs or alcohol and disconnected families — human traffickers know what to look for, and they have found it in Humboldt County.

2001 homicide arrest hoped to provide links to 1982 slaying (Chico Enterprise-Record)
07/19/2013 – A Vacaville woman who has been trying to discover her friend’s killer for 31 years believes the suspect is now in jail after a Biggs man was arrested this week on suspicion of committing another…

A Look At The Gap Between Hispanics And Outdoor Recreation Organizations (The Huffington Post)
11/04/2014 While Hispanics make up more than 17% of the nation’s population, a 2013 outdoor recreation report shows that only 7% of those who participate in outdoor recreation are Hispanic. Even fewer Hispanics, about 4%, engage in fish and wildlife restoration and conservation.


Local mixologist’s products launch on Target.com (Eureka Times-Standard)
02/05/15 In small glass bottles with handmade labels, Tulip Perfume has spent the past eight years nestled among locally crafted trinkets in small boutiques on the Arcata Plaza or…


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