Looking for a winter job? Try raft guiding abroad

For those of us who live seasonal job lifestyle, sometimes the toughest part is finding a way to continue the adventure while simultaneously not going broke during the winter months. Summer jobs abound, but finding something to keep you going through the year can be a challenge. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of the best countries to get a job as a whitewater raft guide this winter. Whether you need work, or just a new wild adventure this winter, check it out.

Top five places to work as a river guide this winter 

Turquoise water, tropical canyons, an international trip lined with world-renowned rivers—it’s what whitewater dreams are made of. If you’re like most raft guides, however, a vacation on the other side of the world probably isn’t in the budget. So, try getting paid for it instead.

For most raft guides, the end of summer means hanging up the guide stick, heading back to school, sliding into a desk job or hitting the ski resorts to coax runny-nosed toddlers down the bunny hill. It doesn’t have to be that way. Operations on some rivers continue throughout the winter months, and while turning raft guiding into a means for travel or a year-round career can be intimidating, by following the sun, you can make raft guiding more than just a summer fling. When temps cool in North America, we recommend looking for work in these five gorgeous and balmy locales.

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