I try the PCT, Day 68

So big sister here, the outdoor junky of the family, finally got a chance to join Laina on the PCT. I had a week break after moving out of my house in Chico and before my summer internship started so my boyfriend and I drove down to Yosemite National Park to meet Laina and my mom, who had been hiking with her for the past few weeks.

Nick and I would park at Tuolumne Meadows, hike out to meet them on the trail and then walk back the next day. Mom would leave, taking one car, and Nick and I would spend two more nights on the trail with Laina and then walk back to our second car and head home.

Easy, solid plan.

Until we realize that we’re hiking 15 to 20 miles in the High Sierras. Up and down never ending granite staircases, post-holing through snow-covered ridges, running through mosquito swarms, trudging through blazing heat and wading through snow-melt creek crossings, all while developing blisters and living off nuts and dried fruit.

Let me tell you, I’m good after four days of that. Gone is any desire for hiking the PCT. I’ll do sections, thank you.

Not Laina. When we headed back to the car she set off on her own with 10 days worth of coos-coos and dehydrated pinto beans, eight packets of hot chocolate and a bunch of nuts and dried fruit packed into a bear canister. Her next resupply point is Echo Lake, 130 miles from where we turned around.



2 thoughts on “I try the PCT, Day 68

  1. Wow. I just read through all your posts on the grand PCT adventure. So wild. One of the guys on our Grand Canyon trip had just come off the PCT and painted such a vivid picture. It’s cool to think about your family teaming up to make it happen!

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