Inexperience, but tough, day -3

Video interview with Laina and Mary Rose.

Laina and her little sister Mary talk about Laina’s level of preparation for the 2,600+ mile hike she is about to embark on.

I’ll be honest, I am very scared.” – Laina


2 thoughts on “Inexperience, but tough, day -3

  1. OK, I want the backstory on all this. How is a 17-year old going to do this trip? She has no financial responsibility, of course. Parents are paying. Right? But who is going with her? I’m jealous and wish her the best of luck! Write a journal and the next Wild.

    1. Hey Brad! Sorry I’m bad at keeping track of the comments on the blog. I just got a new comment notification which alerted me to all the previous ones.
      If you’re still interested in how she’s doing it… A lot of support from her parents is definitely a huge part of it – they are paying for her food and shipping her resupply packages. Laina has had jobs throughout her teenage years so she had saved enough money to buy her gear and pay for things along the way.
      Her mom and dad each hiked with her for the first two months, now she is on her own.

      I’m still working on convincing her to keep a journal :)

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