Making someone else’s moment

DSC_0218In my last blog post I mused about how long it would take before one became tired of acting like it was a special day every day.

Would it get old to be the First Lady and have to go to so many “special” events.

Two days after that I went to the White House again, this time for a ceremony in which the First Lady awarded children from top youth programs across the country, the President’s National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards.

Once again in the East Room of the White House, Michelle Obama spoke to children and their mentors about the importance of inspiration and striving to achieve your goals. Then, in turn, a child representative for each program walked across the stage to accept the plaque. Obama took each girl or boy in a hug. She whispered in their ears, and they clung to her — To the First Lady.

Jacqueline Uy, 16, hugs Michelle Obama. See link below for what Obama said to Uy when she hugged her.

Remember how being in the White House was exciting for me? I just got to look at her. They were hugging her, and there was this look in each child’s eyes like…well, really like they had just hugged Michelle Obama. They were ecstatic.

And that’s when it occurred to me, that no matter how many times you’ve been there, or how many times you’ve said the same thing, when you are sharing in, or creating, a life changing moment for someone else — it never gets old.

Michelle Obama gets to be a part of one of the most exciting moments of a child’s life, every time she hugs one.

I chose to write about a girl from Los Angeles who is a mentee in the WriteGirl program.

Here’s the story:

First Lady inspires young writers at White House


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