98% accomplished – NYC edition

Sleep less, eat less, see more. Spend the weekend in New York City.

It was a spur of the moment decision.

“Let’s go to New York this weekend.”

Zahra was down, so the two of us booked bus tickets for the next day after work (10 hours and $100 bucks round trip) and booked a room in the one hostel that still had availability.

It was in Brooklyn, in a part of town with so few streetlights that it made my heart pound. But that was just from appearance. What, at 11:30 p.m., when we arrived, was a deserted street lined by old graffiti-covered buildings with brick walls topped by rings of barbed wire and had me relieved to reach the NY Loft hostel and afraid to go back out again to get something to eat, turned out to be far from the crankster-ville that it’s looks indicated.

When we mentioned we were hungry the hostel receptionist said there was a health food store and deli right on the corner. We hadn’t seen it.

Retracing our steps we found that blended into the gratified buildings were partially covered signs indicating and discrete shops.

A strange marketing technique indeed.

When we emerged from the quaint health food store with sandwiches, a group of hipsters had accumulated on the street corner. They were emerging from the cracks of the dark town, bringing with them a whole new perspective. This wasn’t sketchy grunge, this was intentional grunge.

High lace-up boots, piercings, puffy jackets, flannels — they streamed in and out of the bar across the street with lit cigarettes until we finally retreated to our bunk-beds.

We set our alarms for early to make the free breakfast, exploiting the system by making several PB&Js and stashing them away for later so we wouldn’t have to interrupt our tourist mobbing with a lunch break.

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