Shutdown sabotages second chance to see First Dude and Lady

CHCI conference – Day 3

I take back all hopes that the government would shutdown. I may not give a care about Senators but I still want to meet Mr. President. And this is twice that he has stood us up. “Us” as in Hispanics.

Barak and Michelle Obama had confirmed attending the CHCI Annual Awards Gala three weeks before. But just two days after his pretty little government shut down, Obama reconsidered his decision to attend a Hispanic dinner, awards show and concert.

“I can see the headline now – ‘President eats tacos while country in limbo,’” a CNN reporter, who stopped by Hispanic Link office today, joked.

I agree it would have been inapporpriate and unncessary for Obama to attend, but I still wanted to see him.

Finding out Obama wouldn’t be there sort of ruined the event, which became even more boring when we arrived and found out we would be kept in a press-pen, roped off in the corner and not able to mingle in the event.

But Charlie wouldn’t have that of course, and his connections always hook us up. An old Linky (Hispanic Link reporter) brought us meal tickets, and we promptly stopped being press and sat ourselves amongst the classiest group of people I’ve literally ever seen.

Dresses and black ties. All of them.

I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion. 1. I had no idea how fancy it was, and number 2, which Liam pointed out later that night on the phone when I complained that Charlie didn’t give me a heads up – “But wait, do you even have something to wear to that?”

The answer is no of course.

“But yeah, no worries,” Liam says. “I don’t have an evening gown either.”

But, I’m not about to turn down the fanciest meal I’ve ever seen just because I’m not dressed to even have set foot in the hall.

A three course meal, most of which I didn’t know what was, doesn’t quite make up for Obama, but you can’t have it all.


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