It’s Our Time — or so the theme says

CHCI conference – Day 2

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept 15 to Oct 15, but things are real busy for Hispanic news outlets in Washington this week because theCongressional Hispanic Caucus Institute has a three day conference at the Washington Convention Center. It’s a policy conference, hosting the slogan: Our Time: A Strong America. It’s discussions and panels all day and events, entertainment and dinners each evening. The conference costs almost $700 to attend.

Unless of course you are press. And then it is just three days of taking notes and photos during panel discussions about how Hispanics relate to just about every issue in the U.S. from technology to the current pressing issue of immigration reform.

One in three people under 18 in the U.S. are Hispanic, so the CHCI conference which is also the celebration of the graduation of CHCI’s class of almost 200 interns and fellows, is centered around the up and coming generation in the United States and how Latinos will be the future of the United States – addressing the importance of fighting for equal rights to education.

With 11 million undocumented Hispanics in the United States panels of Democratic senators and representatives, with one token supportive Republican in each panel, held that reform and a pathway to citizenship could not wait and claimed it would be progressing to a vote within the current session of Congress.

But Congress has a few other things on it’s mind right now and immigration reform doesn’t seem to be top priority. The Government shutdown yesterday.


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