Can I have your number, Congressman?

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CHCI conference – Day 1

They treat the Congressmen like they are celebrities. I’m waiting after a political policy discussion panel just hoping to get a quote or a business card from one of them just like any other source, and I have to sit by while titillated middle-aged women and high-school girls get their fliers signed.
Wait — had any of you you ever heard of this guy before? or are you just trying to meet him because he was just speaking on stage and bombarding him seems like the going thing?

I’m sorry, but congressmen just really don’t excite me.

When I finally get through the crowd I really want to say, “Dude, isn’t there something you’re supposed to be researching and voting on right now? Not that I don’t think these issues that you’re speaking about aren’t of the highest importance…but should you really be at a conference right now?”

Because, unless they get it together, and quickly, by tonight at midnight our government will “shutdown.” All due to Congress’s inability to reach a consensus on a budget for 2014.

I’m not here to talk about right or wrong, or politics at all for that matter. And anyway, I appreciate the struggle. I mean, it would be pretty hard to get 535 people to come to an agreement. And secretly, I guiltily hope for a shutdown, just because it would make life more interesting.


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