Remember that one time…five minutes ago.

I finally got immersed in the D.C. tourist scene. It’s hard to find incentive to hit up museums on my own, but two out-of-town guest cured that. Liam Turner and Mark Rojas worked with me on The Orion, my school newspaper. Liam visited for a few days from California and Mark came down from where he now works in Philadelphia to join us for the day of tours and museums, and what evolved into the night and then a bottomless brunch and a walk at the National Zoo.

You would assume spending the weekend exploring D.C. with two friends from college would include a lot of reminiscing — it did. But what you wouldn’t expect was that the majority of it was Mark going  “Hey, guys, remember that one time when…” and it would enviably be something that had happened within the past hour.

“Guys, remember that one time when we ate so much hummus samples we couldn’t move.” (while we are still eating the samples) … later that night … “Remember when Juniper ate hummus at a bar.” (while we are still at the bar) … Next morning… “Remember when they gave us hummus at breakfast.” (While we are still at breakfast)

These comments were dispersed between the frequent comments from Liam – “Did you ever think we would be…

…In DC together?

…Walking up to the Capitol of the United States together?

…Overlooking the White House from a roof-top together?

…At the Holocaust Memorial Museum together?

…Riding a bus through DC together?

No Liam, no I didn’t. But I’m glad we are.  And yes Mark, I remember that.

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