Farmers markets of D.C.

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I don’t think I was ever truly just in it for the fresh food. The initial attraction was like this piece of home that I could find here in D.C., despite the fact that there didn’t appear to be any gardens around — The farmers market.

And as it turns out, this hip little adult version of a college town is over run with them.

I didn’t really intend to start this obsession, but there is just so many. And so many fresh peaches. And of course there’s also my farmers market-hopping buddy. Nick, he’s one of the other interns. Our first trip was to the Dupont Farmers Market. He thinks he’s all hipster-y, and likes local food. So he’s pretty cool I guess.

Then, randomly the man who started a Latino farmers market in Van Ness (one metro stop up Connecticut from me) asked my editor if we would be interested in writing a story about the Latino farmers market. So more to come on that. I guess I can’t get away from Yummy Things (Back in Chico I co-founded the Yummy Things Cooperative, which was centered around fresh local food) even here.

For now I have vowed to stop going to farmers markets unless I actually need food…or I’m writing a story about them. Other than that, it’s getting to be a waste of time.


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