Red, White and Green — the Holy Trinity Alps

Growing up in Trinity County, we heard of the Red Trinities, the White Trinities and the Green Trinities.  My sister and I wanted to travel through the place where they merged. We set aside a week of summer, stole our dad’s Forest Service map and drew a path for ourselves into the Trinity Alps, up into the mountains, along the Four Lakes trail, across the Seven Up Peaks, to Granite Lake, and then out to Swift Creek. This route would weave us through the green forests carpeted by meadows and moss and sprinkled with wildflowers even in late summer, ultramafic (red-shaley rock) peaks and granite boulder-scapes. Laina and I came to differentiate between the three as “Gods” land — the beautiful smooth rolling granite of the White Trinities, Demons Land, the sharp red-rock landslides of the White Trinities, and Elves Land, the soft green of the forests. Follow our six day journey with the photos below.


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